Welcome to our little place on the web.  The Flickerscope Company is a motion picture production company specializing in feature films and animated shorts.

The members of  The Flickerscope Company  team average over ten years in the industry, working primarily in the visual effects field (making really big things blow up).  You've probably already seen our work in projects like Titanic, Star Trek: Voyager, Dogma, Black Hawk DownMen in BlackApollo 13, Dante's Peak, Star Trek: First Contact, and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.  This FX background gives us several advantages that no other independent production company has, such as the ability to create our own effects in an extremely cost-effective manner, the ability to write and budget for effects in a viable way, and the ability to handle the on-set demands in dealing with visual effects.  In short, we are able  to create big budget-looking films with top-quality visual effects for only a small fraction of the "Hollywood" price.

Click here for a glimpse of some old projects and tests.