A long time ago, back when life was hardly more then some one-celled organisms mucking about in the primordial ooze of prehistory, the founders of The Flickerscope Company played around with some short film ideas.  None of these were really meant to be seen in public, but we present them here for your pleasure.  Click the images to view.  (Note:  You're probably better off right-clicking and saving them to your local drive rather than letting them attempt to stream.)

"Titanic, December 1911"  (5.3mb, MPEG format, Silent)
A quickie test, created with messiah:studio.  The video depicts the RMS Titanic some time in December, 1911, as it awaits the workers to arrive and finish the fitting out.  Most of the upper decks are incomplete, and the four massive funnels have yet to be installed.  The idea was to re-create the look of the paper prints collection at the U.S. Library of Congress.  The lighting is global illumination (no standard lights), and the render time for the raw 320x240 images was 4 minutes per frame (with un-optimized code).  And if you're interested, here's how it might have looked in 1965 on 16mm film (2.4mb DivX), and 1977 in Super-8 (1.5mb, DivX).

"The Civil War"  (4.4mb, MPEG format, Sound)
In 1991, Ken Burns created an epic documentary about the American Civil War.  We really liked that film, but the fast-paced world we live in just doesn't have time for documentaries of that length.  Here's our solution to the problem.